Business trips software

Business trips software - do not waste time in endless reporting of business trips!

Modern and up-to-date solution for business trip reporting!

Business trips softwareBusiness trips software is a solution based on Pantheon X. The solution has appeared after carefully monitoring of the processes in many companies, listening to customers and relyiong on our own experience. This is one of the least automated and unchanging areas at the moment. The solutions are relatively few and there are almost no electronic forms.

Advantages in use!

Pantheon is the only ERP program on the Bulgarian market, which has full functionality for reporting business trips in the country and abroad. In the current version are entered the amounts of business trips according to the regulations (opens in a new window) – amount, currency and country. Also companies amounts definedby them.

Business trips software provides:

  • Clear process of sending employees to business trip;
  • Unified forms for business trip orders and petty cash documents;
  • Less time for processing business trip orders;
  • Easy overview of expenses incurred during a business trip;
  • Send the route to the phone of employee. The phone is then used as a GPS;
  • Improving the company’s image.

Solutions offered by ERP Agency!

Content of solution

  • Separate forms for business trips in the country and abroad with possibility to create and use many others;
  • Entering of start and end dates for business trips. Based on this, Pantheon calculates the duration of the business trip;
  • Copying business trips (creating a new business trip based on a previous one);
  • Travel to many endpoints – example departure from Sofia, arrival in Plovdiv, departure from Plovdiv, arrival in Bourgas, departure from Bourgas, arrival in Sofia. For each point – arrival and departure with date and time;
  • Selection of a vehicle from drop down menu;
  • Entering kilometers at the beginning and kilometers at the end of the business trip;
  • Generate a travel route directly from Pantheon using Google Maps and send directly to the phone of employee;
  • Browse through Google Street View of the site, the link is opened directly by Pantheon;
  • Copy the distance to the location in the customer itself. On the next business trip to this site, the distance is calculated automatically;
  • Payment of an advance for the business trip;
  • Reporting of the business trip – an income order is generated if money is returned or an expense order if money has to be paid extra;
  • Payment of business trips by bank transfer, if necessary. It is possible to import a bank statement if there is a specification of the file from the bank;
  • Automatic generation of business trip order number;
  • Introduction of business trip tasks for each site;
  • Entering a report on the tasks performed for each site;
  • Add other costs from the drop-down menu – parking, fuel, etc. The cost nomenclature is defined by each user company.


The installations can be made at your premises, on our server or in the cloud. Each installation type has advantages and disadvantages, this can be discussed further. Moving data from one type of installation to another is also possible.

  • Installation on your premises – whit this type if installation, you take care of about server and archiving the data. Internet connection is not required;
  • Installation on our server – when installation is on server provided by ERP Agency we take care of daily data backup and updates. Since Pantheon is in data center, you must have the installed client and Internet connection;
  • Cloud installation – almost the same as when using our server.

Versions and prices

The business trip solution is available in the following versions:

  • LX;
  • LT;
  • LT3;
  • SE;
  • GE;
  • MF;
  • ME.

Conversely, the business trip solution is not available in the following versions:

  • RT;
  • MT;
  • RE.

See the page for combining of versions in order to find the right option for you. If you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact us. See the prices of the different versions.

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