Efficient production

Package efficient production

Efficient production


Defining information flows in production by defining document flows can significantly improve the efficiency and measurability of the production process in your company. The rationing and the payment according to the work are two significant pillars for motivation and increasing the efficiency of the production process. With package efficient production package your company will receive:

  • Detailed production plan with exact dates when your orders will be ready for delivery. Plan is based on production and resource capacity in the factory;
  • Calcuation of needs for materials based on production plan. The needs could be based on production plan and / or customer orders;
  • Data for time spent and resources used in production. Data could be summary or with details for each work order;
  • Graphic view of schedule for work orders. There are different layouts of schedule. Layouts are – per day, work week, week, month, quarter and year. Gantt chart could be generated as well. View includes orders compared to production capacities;
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System). MES provides data for direct costs and time and production.

Efficient production


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