Import from Trade Register

Import from the Trade Register - a fast and secure way to enter customers and suppliers!

Modern and up-to-date solution for entering data in ERP!

Импорт от Търговски регистърImport from Trade Register is a solution available for the products offered by us – Pantheon and SoftOne. The solution came after carefully monitoring the processes in many companies, listening to customers and our own experience. Thus feature is now almost mandatory for any ERP and CRM solution. We can offer additional solutions, for this purpose contact us.

Advantages in use

See in the video file the import of customers and suppliers in Pantheon works!

Import from the Trade Register will provide you:

  • Quick entry of new customers and / or suppliers;
  • Saving time, resources and efforts;
  • Fewer mistakes during the process of entry of new customers/suppliers;
  • Less fit of nerves on the part of your customers, but also of your employees;
  • More free time for other more productive activities for your company;
  • Improving the company’s image.

Solutions proposed by ERP Agency

What is the content of solution?

  • The solution consists of several components that work together. We maintain  server on which the information about the companies is stored;
  • We update data on server on every day. This is our task, then you can find and save data you need;
  • For Pantheon – ARES applet, through which the selected customers / suppliers are imported;
  • For SoftOne – addition for import of the selected customer / supplier;
  • Please note that it is not possible to select more than one customer / supplier for import at once.


Installation takes not more than 5 minutes. There is no need for training, for this purpose you can watch the video on youtube. It is possible to use in one or in more companies, this must be discussed further. The products we offer – SoftOne and Pantheon have the opportunity to work with shared registers in multi-company installations. In this case, a possible option is to import the contractors into one company and share them with other companies in the same installation.

Versions and prices

From 1 BGN per day for an annual subscription. You can also purchase subscriptions for shorter periods (for example, during the implementation customers and suppliers can be imported rather instead of entereing them manually).

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