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Information for manufacturing companies - cost control, planning, etc.

Service companies

Solutions for the service sector - accounting, IT companies, printing houses, vending companies, etc.


Applications for retail trade, connection with cash registers, stock levels planning, etc...


Logistics, WMS, routes in warehoues, stock planning based on sales orders, EDI etc.


Plumbing, electrical installations, sites, revenues / expenses per site, consumed materials, frequency of inspections and visits etc... ...

Digitalization for SME

The digitalization of the production process begins with the flow of information from the production, defining the document flow as well as working procedures for the production processes that must utilize the available resources efficiently.

Well-designed work procedures can significantly improve efficiency, productivity and measurability in the production process.


Voucher scheme providing of information and communication technology services (ICT services) to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Cost control in manufacturing

The constant struggle for quality and optimized production costs is one of the biggest challenges for manufacturing companies.

Optimization of production processes

As production increases, so does the number of production operations in the company itself. A quality business system allows you to automate business operations while providing accurate and timely information.

Production management

Whether in small or large production company, production management is a complex process that requires quality solutions. Maximum efficiency of available resources can be achieved only through proper management of the production process and quality work procedures.

Production resource planning

Production capacity planning is one of the most important tasks for any production company. A common example is companies that have invested in modern machinery, invested in hiring highly educated staff and paid high training costs to get through this challenge.

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