Internet shop Pantheon

Pantheon internet shop - increase your sales!

Internet shop Pantheon

Internet shop Pantheon is designed for companies that use Pantheon and want orders made in the  web – site to be directly available in the ERP system.

With this package each company will receive:

  • Reduction of error possibiliteis during the process of ordering from customers;
  • Significant cost reduction of receiving orders;
  • 24/7/365 company availability for customers, who want to place orders;
  • A platform through which customers will always be able to view their orders and invoices.

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General characteristics

The purpose of the online store is to reduce the efforts of your employees during the process of customer order creation. Instead of your employees, this work is done by the customers themselves. The combination of  web-shop and stable ERP system provides you with significant advantage on the market. Orders are received 24 hours a day without your intervention. Then you can start preparing them  for shipping to customers. Additionally – if customers need an invoice or order there is no need to contact you. They simply sign in to online store and download the needed document.


In B2B version customer can use special prices (contract prices) and other conditions that are defined only for him. Administration of this information is performed in Pantheon, and then it is visible only to the client for whom it is valid.


The B2C version will offer you deals at prices from the common price list valid for all customers. Additionally – all general conditions are valid.

Internet shop Pantheon

Companies that use Pantheon ERP can use internet shop  in Bulgarian, English, Serbian, Macedonian, Albanian, Slovenian, Bosnian or other language. If you want to use the application in another language – contact us!

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