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Mobile application PantheonMobile application Pantheon X is an effective link between the office and employees on terrain. This professional tool offers support for any type of terrain work. It is designed to manage, optimize and monitor business processes and operate remote locations outside offices.

Advantages in use

The list of applications for work outside the office, offered by us can be used independently or entirely related to the main business system of the company. If it is used with direct connection to the ERP system company receives the maximum positive effect.

  • Increase sales;
  • Improving the quality of services provided outside the office;
  • Improving the company’s image;
  • Increasing the control over the services performed outside the office;
  • Reduce the cost of work outside.

Offered solutions by ERP Agency

Retail promotions

In retail trade product promotions require tools to monitor and manage the process. The application for promotions in retail sales collects information from the points of sale defined by the company, allows to take pictures of the shelves, but also to take data about the competition. Sales promotions cannot be left to the random choice of the customer, but must be based on modern and affordable technology.

Mobile application Pantheon for mobile trade

  • The sale of items that the merchadiser has in his vehicle is a complex process in which the merchadiser must have access to a large number of important information. At the same time, the user of the application can solve tasks on the spot in a fast and intuitive way. Additionally, a portable printer can issue a goods receipt note/ invoice for the goods selected by the customer;
  • We recommend that the application be used on a PDA device, but it can also be used on tablets. The application is used mainly to print:
    • Bill of goods;
    • Invoice;
    • Credit note;
    • Order.

Mobile sales / deliveries

Visits to customers and order creation during visits is a process successfully solved by the application. The merchandiser has the opportunity to offer the entire portfolio of company and during this process it is necessary to have access to important information (money due by the customer, last order, unpaid invoices, etc.). At the same time, the user of the application can solve tasks on the spot in a fast and intuitive way. Additionally, a portable printer can print an order for the goods selected by the customer. As this is a mobile sale, the merchant can also request to sign the order directly on the tablet, so that the application can be used completely without paper.

Mobile application Pantheon for meetings of sales representatives

A lot of meetings made by sales representatives are often recorded on paper by the sales representatives themselves. After returning to the office, the sales representative creates offers based on the previously recorded information. The mobile application greatly facilitates and speeds up this process. Important elements are:

  • The ability to pre-define the topic of conversation. In this way, the company will apply a unified sales approach to its sales representatives;
  • There is no need to copy information, so propsals can be prepared at a lower cost;
  • The number of visits for a sales representative can be increased;
  • Immediately after the meeting with the application, an offer can be created and automatically sent to the participants.

Quality control

  • The companies use different registers in which they record different states of control of the processes in the company itself. Quality control in manufacturing companies, control of processes in the kitchen, production of foodstuffs or any production process is a regular task and necessity. This application is a solution for such operations;
  • The team dealing with quality control will have all the information needed in the control process, will be able to take pictures of the conditions, analyze and compare them with the old ones and thus significantly improve the effects of control.

Mobile application Pantheon for work orders for companies performing installations and service operations

  • A large number of companies provide on-site services to their customers. These can be installations and warranty / out-of-warranty services and repairs. By creating installation orders or service orders, the application allows you to track:
    • Used materials;
    • The time required to perform the services.
  • Again, through the application, an order can be created on site and it can be immediately accepted by the customer. Additionally, the company itself will have a better overview of the work of its employees, with an accurate view of the time used to perform the services, as well as the movement of employees.

Data entry from counters

  • Utility providers collect data from counters when they visit customers. This data can be submitted to Pantheon ERP and thus reduce the time for issuing invoices. They will further increase the speed and quality of the service;
  • The same application can also be used for customer comments. These comments can be used by the company to improve the services provided.


  • In the manufacturing process, the application can be used to document operations as well as to document material consumption;
  • Thanks to the application, companies will receive a detailed view of factory operations in real time. This contributes to the optimal use of the resources available to the company. This tool is an excellent option for industries in which it is important to monitor the filling of machine capacity. Again, this is done by monitoring operations in real time, not after the end of the day.

Manufacture of beverages

Beverage companies have their own specific needs, which are successfully addressed with the application. It can be used for:

  • Sales promotions by tracing and positioning products;
  • Documentation upon delivery of orders;
  • Creation of sales orders with handheld device;
  • Peddler sale of beverages from vehicles.

Application for real estate agencies

  • Useful application for real estate agencies, which have the opportunity to create and view offers on the spot. Through the application, companies have access to all proposed sites, and can track changes in real time. All this is thanks to the powerful tool that improves the effect of employee work;
  • Employees can also use the application to collect information about new sites, which will be offered. There is a built-in option to take pictures of the object as the photos and other information is available to everyone in the company instantly and this increases their chances of success;
  • Application can also be used to search for offers together with potential customers anywhere, and their wishes can be noticed at the same time.

Sales of insurance

  • The sale of insurances requires filling of a lot of data in order to be able to prepare an offer or conclude a contract. Through the application, this process is redefined and guides the employee through the steps of negotiating and concluding a contract;
  • The application is used on a tablet, and employees have the opportunity through the device to view the defined terms of the contract with potential customers, and if necessary to send them directly to e-mail. This way, employees have all the tools they need to sell with tablet.

Representatives of pharmaceutical companies

  • Representatives of pharmaceutical companies visit a large number of doctors and drugstores every day. For all visits, using the application they can record:
    • Notes from the visit;
    • Competition information;
    • The positioning of the products on the shelves (with photo or description);
    • Sales orders from customer.
  • Pharmaceutical companies through the application receive an overview of the actions of their representatives. The application shows all visited sites, and the company can monitor them in real time and location. Additionally, representatives have more time for visits, because there is no need to generate reports for daily activities, due to the fact that all reports are generated automatically.

Management of fixed assets

A list of fixed assets is mandatory for every company. The mobile application for fixed assets allows for listing of fixed assets with barcode labels. Using the application speeds up the process and increases the accuracy of this operation.

Courier services

As a rule, courier companies have a large number of couriers who pick up, carry and deliver items on the spot. Shipment tracking has been significantly improved through the mobile app. Options such as capturing the shipment, paperless signing of the receipt or delivery of the shipment, as well as real-time monitoring of couriers are important features of this application.

Conducting surveys

  • The survey application is designed to collect information without the need to copy the collected data afterwards. It is important to know that the technology used makes it possible to quickly define the survey, as well as its easy change according to needs;
  • The application is most often used on a tablet, but can also be used online and offline, and these features make it flexible for different situations.


Applications can be used on a computer, tablet, smartphone, PDA devices with Android support. Our team has developed the integration of these applications with Pantheon ERP, which gives our users the highest quality and integrated business process.

Companies that use Pantheon ERP will be able to receive all offered applications in Bulgarian, English, Serbian, Macedonian, Albanian, Slovenian, Bosnian or another language. If you want to use the application in another language – contact us!

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