Pantheon – from small Slovenian system to regional leader

Pantheon – with this ERP software, you will improve the efficiency of your daily work and easily achieve your goals. By using business software that supports the growth of your company, you can turn data into profit!

Pantheon is an ERP system designed for a wide range of companies that need a reliable and adaptable solution. It is designed as a general purpose business software and thus can be used throughout the company – warehouse management, purchase and sales orders, production, accounting, retail, management and more.

20 years Pantheon and Datalab Slovenia

Pantheon is used by

more than 62 000 users!

The number of users and the countries in which it is used is increasing daily!

Pantheon - Solutions


Program adapted for easy management of small businesses.


Good version for customizing according to your work needs.

For accounting companies – stability, reliability and compliance with the legal framework.

Powerful tool for farm management.


Solution for retail business.

Supervision and management of all production processes from planning to production.

Software adapted to the specifics of the public sector.

Don't you know which version issuitable for you?

Read more about the different versions of Pantheon. All of them are created as response of customer needs. Versions can be combined, so the customer buys what he needs, rather than full functionality, which is then limited with setting of user rights. The combining of versions is logically arranged and structured – version RT (for work with touch screens) can’t be combined with version GE (developed for the public sector). There are other similar examples of possible or impossible combinations of versions.

For each version you will find information about the prices of the licenses on the Bulgarian market, the price of maintenance fee (21% at the moment from the price of the license) and other information.

Read about some of ourhappy customers, who use various solutions...

Customers in different countries use the same application everywhere...

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