Pantheon X

ERP Agency is a long-term partner of the Slovenian company Datalab. This partnership helped to implement a modern ERP solution in many Bulgarian companies and thus we improved their work in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
ERP Agency has been a partner of Datalab since 2008. During these years we have implementations of Pantheon in companies mainly from Bulgaria. As a partner of Datalab Slovenia ERP Agency achieves its goals with a high degree of satisfaction for end users. Their recommendations are important to us and motivate us to improve our work every day. This is our first from many partnerships.


ERP Agency has been operating in the field of business software since 2002, offering a wide range of high quality services that assist our clients in planning, implementing, integrating and managing business solutions that meet the highest standards. ERP Agency is authorized partner of SoftOne Technologies, one of the fastest growing software providers in Europe, focusing on the development of ERP, CRM solutions and innovative Cloud Services for growing and medium-sized enterprises.

SoftOne offers to your business complete set of solutions that achieve more with less money. It helps your company to optimize business processes between units and improve its efficiency. Using of SoftOne in your company reflects in costs. It also increases operating and management control with powerful system that provides clear and significant benefits.

Софт Уан


ERP Agency is also authorized partner of Qlik – a leading BI provider worldwide. Our partnership with Qlik dates back to 2011. Qlik is embedded into Soft1, it can additionally extract data from Pantheon. In this way ERP Agency offers you a unique choice of quality solutions (ERP + CRM + BI).

Products developed by Qlik can combine data from many sources in one place. In this way you will analyze data from different systems without copying, sorting, cleaning and other manual data processing. You have all the data – just look at it!