Sales management

Sales management - there is only one way - forward

Sales management






Solution for sales management is a result of synergy between technological tools and focus on sales. ERP Agency and InCom offer improved sales procedures and their management. This solution is not just another trend for your sales department. It is a complete package containing all the necessary sales tools. ICT and sales techniques with clearly defined procedures will improve your sales results.

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Target group for the Sales Management solution

Sales department of each company.

Short description

The goal of reengineering the sales process is to design a better sales process and make your salespeople more efficient. Additionally, you will receive fast and efficient creation of proposals, contracts and invoices. More details about the solution:

Characteristics of the solution

  • All decisions are based on documents, not on assumptions. Additionaly you will receive an completely uniform and standardized approach according to your requirements for all sales people;
  • Define a Sales Funnel chart with statuses that enable revenue forecasting. We don’t want to look only in retrospect, we also want you to look in perspective. Looking back is often enough, but when driving you usually look ahead, not in the mirrors;
  • Design and creation of quality offer forms, which may include photos of products, technical descriptions and other details that strengthen the corporate image of the company;
  • Training of sales people to work with the new procedures and forms;
  • Training for Sales Manager of the company on how to monitor and manage the sales process.

Sales management - modern solution

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