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The power behind a dynamic enterprise

Soft1 is an answer to of a lot of questons. Why? Because today, any business that wants to create strong competitive advantages and drive growth, needs to constantly improve its business processes, reduce its operating costs and increase its productivity.

The ERP lays at the very heart of all business operations. It efficiently manages all aspects of business processes related to customers, suppliers, partners and employees, as well as products and services.

Soft1 ERP incorporates everything a dynamic enterprise needs in a single system . By providing you with functionality and modules that adapt to all business processes, CRM and powerful Reporting and Business Intelligence tools, Soft1 ERP is an ideal solution for developing your business.

Soft1 ERP by SoftOne

Soft1 is used by more than 15 000 companies!

The number of users and the countries in which it is used is increasing daily!


Different versions

Soft1 for startupsProgram adapted for easy management of small businesses.

Soft1 for Small & Medium Size Enterprises

Version for running business in small and medium size enterprises.

Soft1 for big companies

Perfect for management of big companies.

Don't you know which version issuitable for you?

Soft1 ERP is a comprehensive solution that offers you a complete set of tools that do more with less, assisting your company to optimize its core business processes and improve its overall efficiency.

By continuously enriching Soft1 ERP with proven best practices, state-of-the-art approaches and efficient functionalities, your company is able -from day one- to take advantage of its investment and produce actual business results!

Through an extremely friendly user interface that enables quick and easy familiarization with all of its functions, Soft1 ERP empowers your company, giving significant benefits that result in unique competitive advantages.

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